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Amazon may be setting up its own air freight service to compete with the likes of UPS, FedEx and DHL. Reports have emerged that the company has begun flights through a contractor out of Wilmington Air Park, Ohio.

The contractor, the Air Transport Services Group, who own a fleet of Boeing 767s, remain tight-lipped about exactly who their new customer is due to a non-disclosure agreement. VICE Motherboard claims that it’s the e-commerce giant Amazon based on multiple sources.

The city of Wilmington was the location of a DHL U.S. Express hub until 2009, when it closed and nearly 8,000 people lost their jobs—leaving a large pool of workers who would be experienced with air freight and logistics operations.

In 2013, Amazon was one of the companies who suffered when third-party shipping partners such as UPS could not meet Christmas demands. A new air freight logistics operation for Amazon could merely be supplementary during peak seasons, or it could be the start of something more ambitious.

(Source: VICE Motherboard)

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