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Parisian “design collective” Vetements has made headlines after featuring a fairly unremarkable DHL-brand t-shirt in their new spring collection. The shirt is now selling for £185 or $330, depending on where you look.

According to the Telegraph, reporting last October, Vetements “delivers deconstructed but wearable clothes that riff on street style and sportswear”, and the DHL shirt may be intended as a kind of “anti-fashion” statement.

In case you thought Vetements might be hit with a trademark infringement claim over the shirt, DHL seem to be fine with it. The DHL Express CEO Ken Allen recently wore it for his own fashion show at DHL headquarters.

The original designer of the DHL logo is less enamoured with Vetements’ apparent lack of creativity, but gives them props for “persuading people to freak out about a simple T-shirt.”

(Source: Marie Claire)

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