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Several weeks after the Petya cyberattack hit TNT Express—along with many other companies, including logistics company Maersk—TNT is still facing a number of major operational difficulties.

FedEx, TNT’s parent company, recently submitted a Form 10-K report to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which included some details.

“Customers are still experiencing widespread service and invoicing delays, and manual processes are being used to facilitate a significant portion of TNT operations and customer-service functions,” FedEx stated in the filing. “We cannot estimate when TNT services will be fully restored.”

FedEx and TNT are currently trying to recover critical business data, but Petya, which initially presented itself as ransomware, seems to have been designed simply to destroy data, which may never be recovered.

“We are currently focused on restoring remaining operational systems, along with finance, back-office and secondary business systems,” FedEx said. Some offices have had to resort to pen and paper in lieu of working computer systems.

FedEx has not provided specific details about the loss of revenue during operational downtime, but describes the financial impact of the attack as “material”.

(Source: Air Cargo World)

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