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In an effort to circumvent doorstep thieves, Amazon is reportedly looking into a new scheme that would give its parcel couriers one-time access to customers’ homes or vehicles, in order to leave their consignments in a safe place.

The company is courting a partnership with start-up Phrame, which creates "smart" license plates that have a secure box for car keys that can be opened by smartphone. Under Amazon’s scheme, a customer could temporarily grant access to delivery drivers, who would leave their parcel in the car boot.

Amazon already trialled this two years ago, as did Volvo a year earlier. The company is also said to be developing a "smart" doorbell that would grant couriers temporary access to buildings.

The theft of unattended deliveries has become a significant issue for companies due to the cost of replacement items and customers frustrated that they are not receiving their parcels.

(Source: Engadget, CNBC)

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