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Thinking of sending skis or snowboards via courier? Not sure how to pack them? Fortunately it’s quite straightforward! Here’s our quick guide:

What you will need to pack your skis or snowboard

To properly pack your skis or snowboard, you will need:

  • A long cardboard box not much bigger than the skis/snowboard
  • A roll of packaging tape
  • Padding material (bubble wrap, kraft paper or loose fill polystyrene)
  • Edge protectors (optional)

You will need to ensure that the box does not exceed a girth of 330cm, which is the standard limit for most courier services. If you exceed this you may be hit by surcharges, or your consignment may not be accepted. The length of the skis or snowboard should not exceed 220cm.

Size restrictions may vary between couriers, so always check first! There may also be variations in how different couriers calculate girth. Please refer to our service information for all major couriers.

How to pack your skis or snowboard

Your skis or snowboard should fit cosily inside the box, so it shouldn’t be so large that your items will move around a lot, or so small that the items touch the edges of the box.

You must allow space for padding. There should be at least 5cm of cushioning between each item, and between the items and the inside wall of the box. The aim is to secure your items in place so that they move around as little as possible and are protected from impact.

For extra stability, we recommend packaging your skis in pairs. You can also use edge protectors made of polystyrene or foam.

Once your items are securely positioned, seal your box with quality adhesive parcel tape. Make sure this is secure but don’t overdo it, as customs may need to unseal the box for inspection.

Finally, attach the shipping label (air waybill) to the box where it can be clearly seen.

Choose a courier

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