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The format of an Australian postal address is closer to the US format than the UK format, but differences are easy to spot.

Residential addresses

UK address format AUS address format
Mr Fred Banana
Flat 3
26 Bucket Road
Ms Olivia Orange
7 / 4 Spade Street

1. The second line should include the building number and street name.

2. If there is an apartment, suite or unit number, you can put it at the start of this line followed by a forward slash. However, if there is a floor number, you will need to put, for example, "Floor 5".

It seems counter-intuitive, but if there is a floor and apartment/suite/unit number, you will need to put the apartment/suite/unit number on its own on the second line (e.g. "Apartment 7") and then the floor number, building number and street name together on the third line.

3. The last line (excluding country) should include the name of the town/suburb, preferably in capitals, followed by the abbreviation for the state (in the example above, QLD for Queensland).

4. On the same line, after the state, add the four digit postal code.

5. For international post, write the country name in capitals below the address.

Business addresses

UK address format AUS address format
Ms Jenny Smith
Transglobal Express
PO Box 1234
CH62 3NX
Mr Andy Appleton
Surfin' Sam Ltd
Suite 10a
11 Hinkley Road

1. Put the company name below, or in place of, the name of the individual.

2. The suite or unit number goes below the names of the addressee and company.


PO Boxes

UK address format AUS address format
Mr Percy Pineapple
Transglobal Express
PO Box 1234
CH62 3NX
Ms Kimberly Kumquat
Swish Logistics
PO Box 88

1. Put the PO Box below the name of the individual and company name.

2. If sending to a PO Box, do not include a street name or building number in the address. Please also note that some towns or suburbs may have one postcode for street deliveries and another for PO Boxes.

Note: many carriers have PO Box restrictions, so please check before trying to send a parcel or letter to Australia.

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