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Parcel delivery from the UK to Canada

Country Price
1 kg Import to Canada from £8.51* Quote & Book
5 kg Import to Canada from £17.97* Quote & Book
15 kg Import to Canada from £43.78* Quote & Book
20 kg Import to Canada from £56.94* Quote & Book
*VAT and surcharges may apply.

Send a parcel to Canada from the UK

If you’d like to import a parcel, pallet or document from the UK to Canada, you can save up to 70% on services from top carriers including UPS, DHL and TNT when booking through Transglobal Express. We combine 20 years of parcel delivery expertise and great customer service with some of the best rates for parcel delivery from the UK to Canada. You’re welcome to use our services whether based in the UK or Canada and while the majority of our customers are UK based we have many customers based in Canada who use our services to import both personal and commercial goods from the UK at a fraction of the usual price, and without compromising on quality.

There are many reasons why you may want to import to Canada from the UK to Canada: an estimated 600,000 British-born ex-pats are currently living in Canada – perhaps you are among this number and have family in the UK who are shipping a gift to you in Canada, or perhaps you are importing from the UK for business. Whatever the reason, you can rest assured that our team will do everything we can to ensure that your parcel delivery to Canada is as simple, fast and cost-effective as possible, whether you need an express delivery to Toronto, a document delivery to Alberta, or a service to a more remote area of the Northwest Territories.

To compare the range of services and prices available, simply enter the weight and dimension of the parcel you’d like to send into the simple quote form above.

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Importing documents to Canada

If you’re looking for express document delivery from the UK to Canada, you can save up to 50% on our parcel delivery rates when using our UPS Envelope service. As long as you’re importing documents up to 1kg in weight, whether for personal or commercial reasons, you’re eligible to use this service and access our special rates and faster transit times. You can book our UPS Envelope service in exactly the same way you’d book a parcel service, you just need to ensure that your documents can fit into a branded UPS Envelope which measures approximately 335x240mm. To get a quote, or to find out more, please click here.

Transit Times to Canada

We offer some impressive transit times from the UK to Canada. As with all courier services, but especially since Canada is such a large country comprising six time zones and the second largest surface area of any country in the world , your estimated transit time will vary depending upon the precise location of your collection and delivery addresses. The best thing to do to calculate an accurate transit time is enter these address details into the carrier-specific transit times calculator tools on our Transit Times page. Transit times can be as short as two days between major gateway cities, but it’s always advisable to check in advance where possible so you can plan ahead.

Canada Customs Information

With the exception of documents, all imports to Canada from the UK are subject to clearance by Canadian Customs. All parcels to Canada must therefore be accompanied by a document called a customs invoice which lists the contents and value of your parcel for customs purposes. As part of our booking process, you are invited to enter this information, from which we create an automated customs invoice for you – you’re also welcome to use your own if you prefer. Either way, if you’re based in Canada and are looking for a parcel service from the UK, it’s vital you ensure that your UK collection point has access to these documents to avoid any potential customs details.

It’s always a good idea to check the import restrictions of the country you’re shipping to and Canada is no exception. The Canada Border Services Agency provides a lot of useful information in this regard.

Send a parcel from Canada to the UK

While we provide high quality and low-cost parcel delivery services from the UK to Canada we also offer competitive prices for shipping from Canada to the UK. Since we are a UK-based company, this would be classed as an import service and it works in much the same way as an export. We provide our imports from Canada to the UK through TNT. Please click here for more information.


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