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Cheap parcel delivery to Houston

Country Price
1 kg Parcel to Houston from £11.39* Quote & Book
5 kg Parcel to Houston from £28.31* Quote & Book
15 kg Parcel to Houston from £57.13* Quote & Book
20 kg Parcel to Houston from £67.26* Quote & Book
*VAT and surcharges may apply.

Book your parcel delivery to Houston with Transglobal Express

As the most populous city within Texas, we appreciate that there is a high demand for parcel delivery to Houston. Being situated within one of the most inhabited states within the United States of America, at Transglobal Express, we offer fantastic rates and services to ship your parcels and packages to the Lone Star state.

When you book your parcel delivery to Houston, or to Texas in general, with Transglobal Express, you can expect to receive fantastic services from the couriers we use at just a fraction of the price. We use leading carriers including DHL, UPS, TNT and USPS, but the prices we offer are discounted by as much as 70%!

Whether you are a business looking for the opportunity to ship to Houston at a low cost, or a private individual wanting to send a gift to a friend or relative, we are here to assist. We offer an excellent coverage of Houston, in addition to other areas of the state, including parcel delivery to Austin, Dallas and San Antonio.

Start by getting yourself a free, no obligation quote today. Use our online quotation form to view and compare the spectrum of services and rates we have available.

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Document Courier to Houston

In addition to offering services for parcel delivery to Houston, at Transglobal Express we also offer fantastic rates for the shipment of documents to the state's most populous city. We provide the opportunity for you to send your documents to Houston at cost-effective prices whilst guaranteeing quick and efficient transit times.

Our UPS Envelope service has been specifically designed for the delivery of documents, meaning you can expect a speedy delivery time for a cheap, affordable price. If your documents weigh no more than 1kg, and are able to fit into a UPS branded envelope, with the approximate size of 335x240mm, you will be able to take advantage of this great service.

Exporting Personal Effects to Houston

If you are exporting unaccompanied person effects to Houston, we have additional documentation that you may find useful to include with your shipment. This additional documentation will help your shipment pass through customs clearance with sufficiency and ease.

You can refer to our Documentation section to find more information and advice regarding this.

Transit Times to Houston

Despite its distance of over 4,500 miles from the UK, you will find that transit times for parcel delivery to Houston can be surprisingly quick and speedy. You will find that an express service, such as with UPS for example, will aim to deliver your goods within an estimated 2-3 working days, while a more economical service, such as with TNT, may take longer at 5-6 working days.

While we are able to advise of estimate transit times, it is highly recommended to refer to our Transit Time calculator tool to obtain a more accurate quote. Simply enter your UK collection post code and US delivery zip code to gain a more specific transit time for your delivery.

UK to Houston: Useful Customs Information

As with any shipment travelling outside of the EU, it is important to be aware that your shipment will be subject to customs clearance by relevant US authorities; your goods will be subject to a mandatory inspection before being accepted into the country to be forwarded on for delivery. Whether you are familiar with this process or not, at Transglobal Express we ensure you are fully prepared with the appropriate documentation to ensure your shipment is delivered with ease.

Your shipment will be required to accompanied by a customs invoice - a document outlining the contents and value of your parcel. This peice of crucial documentation is generated automatically for you during the booking process, and we recommend to include four copies of this with your parcel to hand to your driver upon collection.


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