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Parcel Delivery to Israel by Courier

Country Price
1 kg Parcel to Israel from £33.59*
5 kg Parcel to Israel from £51.11*
15 kg Parcel to Israel from £88.96*
20 kg Parcel to Israel from £106.04*
*Surcharges may apply.

Send parcels from the UK to Israel with Transglobal Express

Despite Israel’s location in one of the more turbulent regions of the world, and its extremely volatile territorial disputes with Palestine, the majority of Israelis enjoy a high standard of living.

From an economical perspective, Israel is much like the West, with similar practises and ease of doing business. It has a free trade agreement with the EU and is the UK’s fourth largest market in the Middle East and north African regions.

Parcel delivery from the UK to Israel

You can send a parcel to Israel with most of the world’s major carriers. With Transglobal Express, reduced rates are available for courier services from UPS, DHL, TNT and more.

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Exporting to Israel

Aside from exceptional customer service, the focus of our business has always been on keeping international delivery costs low, making it a viable option whether you’re sending business documents, personal effects or consumer goods.

Send a parcel to Israel via international courier or use our air freight services for deliveries to Tel Aviv airport.

Transit times to Israel

Express services to Israel take 2-3 days, while economy services take 4-5 days. This may vary depending on postcode: use our transit time calculators to find out more.

Please note that civil unrest may result in potential service disruptions irrespective of which courier you choose.

Export from the UK to Israel

Customs information for Israel

All goods sent to Israel will be subject to customs clearance. We’ll generate a customs invoice for you as part of your booking, which will list the contents of your consignment.


For reference, we have a list of prohibited or restricted items. You should also consult carrier restrictions for Israel and Israel’s official customs website.

Sending from Israel to the UK?

Send parcels to the UK from Israel with UPS Express®, or with our economy TG Express service.

Click below for your import quote—just pick Israel as your “Sending from” address. We’ll provide all of the documentation you need, to be handed to the driver at your chosen pick-up address in Israel.

Import to the UK from Israel

For more information, call us on 0345 145 1212, email [email protected], or drop into Live Chat.

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