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Sending Christmas Parcels

Whether you're a business shipping goods to customers, or an individual sending gifts to loved ones, Christmas is a busy time of year. However, arranging a courier service doesn't have to be stressful or complicated.

Choose Transglobal Express to avoid those lengthy post office queues, and enjoy huge discounts from major carriers such as UPS, DHL, TNT, DPD, USPS and FedEx.

Send Christmas gifts by courier

But don't forget: if you're using any courier services at this time of year, you will need to be aware of Christmas schedules and holidays. Make sure you're in the know to avoid getting caught in the Christmas rush.

Our Christmas opening hours

Our Christmas opening hours

With Transglobal Express, you can book your parcel delivery online at any time. If you need any help at all, our customer service team are available during these office hours:

Monday to Friday: 8:00am-6:30pm

Saturday: 9:00am-1:00pm

From December 24th-31st inclusive, we'll be closing earlier at 4.30pm.

Our offices will be closed on the following bank holidays: Christmas Day (Tuesday 25th December), Boxing Day (Wednesday 26th December), and New Year’s Day (Tuesday 1st January).

Last shipping dates for Christmas

Last shipping dates for Christmas

Below are the carrier schedules, where available, for getting your parcel delivered on time for Christmas:

  Last collection dates
UPS Last Shipping Dates for Christmas. You can also use the UPS transit time calculator.
DHL Last Posting Dates for Christmas. You can also use the DHL transit time calculator.
TNT See TNT 2018/9 Christmas & New Year Schedule (PDF) or use the TNT transit time calculator.
DPD See last DPD Classic shipping dates for Christmas and New Year delivery (PDF).
TG Express Please use the DHL transit time calculator for dates/times from our warehouse. Add 1-2 working days if using our collection service.
TG International Please use the FedEx transit times calculator for times from our warehouse. Add 1-2 working days if using our collection service.
TG Euro Parcel See last DPD Classic shipping dates for Christmas and New Year delivery (PDF) for times from our warehouse. Please add 1-2 working days if using our collection service.
TG Air Economy See last Air Economy shipping dates for Christmas and New Year delivery (PDF).
TG eComm Please add an additional day to the estimated transit time you are given during your quote.
TG Australasia Economy Please allow up to 12 working days.
USPS Please allow up to 11 working days.

Please note that you will need to account for the estimated transit times for your chosen service and destination.

While most transit times will be largely unaffected, we strongly recommend that you allow up to 1 extra working day due to high volume.

Please be aware that if you don’t have a printer and require us to send your labels and documents to you, you will need to allow time for postage.

Shipping outside of the EU?

Shipping outside of the EU?

If you are sending a parcel to a destination outside of the European Union (EU), or to the UK from a non-EU territory, it will be subject to customs clearance. As such, we advise that you allow for extra time with non-EU shipments, especially as there may be a seasonal customs backlog.

Take extra care when filling out your Customs Invoice, providing comprehensive detail and avoiding errors. This will help to ensure that your delivery clears customs as quickly as possible.

Please see our Customs Advice for more information.

Christmas wrapping

Christmas wrapping

We know you want your Christmas presents to arrive in perfect condition, so please make sure they are protected. Use a sturdy cardboard box and surround your gift with at least 5m cushioning on all sides. See our Parcel Packaging Guidelines for more details.

Please note that the outer packaging of your parcel should not be covered in Christmas wrapping paper. This makes your shipping label more likely to detach. Customs officials may also need to open your parcel to inspect your goods.

Prohibited and restricted items

Prohibited and restricted items

There are certain prohibited items that you cannot send via any courier, even for Christmas. Please make sure that you don’t send any of the following - you may incur a fine and your gift may be confiscated.

  • Perfume – Even in small bottles or gift box sets, perfume is a flammable hazard.
  • Aftershave – Aftershave is likewise a flammable hazard.
  • Aerosols – Again, flammable! Please do not send gift sets containing deodorants or any other type of aerosol.
  • Christmas crackers – Believe it or not, these are an explosive hazard.

The following items are restricted:

  • Alcohol – Prohibited by all carriers except DHL, for whom it is a restricted item. Please check with us or DHL first.
  • Food – Foodstuffs may incur additional customs delays and fees depending on the country (Australia and the USA, for example, can both be quite strict in this regard). So if you’re shipping Christmas treats, please allow for extra time.

View our full list of Restricted & Prohibited Items for more information.


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