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Help with tracking

Please enter your tracking number or TP- order reference number. For most orders, you will be taken to the courier’s tracking page.

Your tracking data will become available once your parcel has been collected, or in some cases once it has been processed at the courier depot.

If your tracking details have still not updated by the end of the following day after collection, please contact us.

What is my tracking number?

Your tracking number is a multi-digit number assigned to your shipment when you book one of our parcel delivery services. To track your shipment, you can enter either the tracking number (air waybill number) provided by the carrier, or your TP- order reference number from Transglobal.

Where can I find my tracking number?

You can find both the tracking number and TP- order reference number for a specific order under “Orders” when logged in to your account. Both will also appear on your shipping labels.

Where can I find the tracking number for my DPD shipment?

If you are sending a parcel with DPD from any country other than the UK, the driver will provide your shipping label (air waybill) at the point of collection—and with it, your tracking number.

For parcels sent from the UK, your tracking information is provided in the usual way (see above).

What if I’m using an optional collection service?

If you have opted for a collection service for services that operate via our depot—including TG International, TG Express, TG Euro Parcel, Landmark Global, TG Express Direct, and USPS—you can use your TP- order reference number to track both legs of the journey (from your door to our depot, and from our depot to your parcel’s destination).

You can also use the tracking number provided by the carrier. A different tracking number will be assigned for each leg of the journey (and this will be updated under “Orders” on your account), but you can enter either into the tracking tool.

No separate tracking number is provided if using TG Courier for collection. Your tracking information will update within a few hours of collection, once our driver returns to the depot.

I’ve tried to track my parcel – why are there no tracking details?

Your tracking data will only become available once your parcel has been collected, and in some cases not until it has been processed at the depot.

If your tracking details are still not updated at the end of the following day (after collection), please contact us and we will look into this for you.

I’ve tried to track my parcel – why are the details wrong?

As tracking numbers are of a fixed length, there are a finite number of possible combinations for them, which means that sometimes they get recycled (particularly with TNT, whose tracking numbers are only nine digits long). Occasionally this means that you may initially see the tracking details for another shipment that was previously assigned the same number.

Don’t worry – once the tracking details for the current shipment have been updated, they will usually override the old tracking details.

If you have any concerns about your shipment, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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