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Air Freight services operate from Airport to Airport. Goods can be dropped in to any one of our 20 depots from across the UK. Find Depot

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Air Freight Services

Unsure of what air freight terms such as "Consolidated" and "Back to back" actually mean? Find out more about how it works. More about air freight

Air Freight Services

Our Air Freight Services operate throughout Europe and to all major international destinations. All services are bookable online. You can request a free quote, compare rates and book services to over 700 international airports at any time - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Rates for air freight services are calculated based on the following:

  • Destination country and airport
  • Size and weight of your consignment
  • Airline charges
  • Any additional surcharges

Important Information

We send freight by air using high quality services provided by major commercial airlines and international cargo carriers.

  • The quoted price given to you prior to your booking will usually include all applicable surcharges. We will notify you in case your quoted price changes.
  • Please be aware that our rates exclude any customs clearance charges. These will normally be handled by the recipient, unless otherwise specified.
  • Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Services team.

Fast shipping via airport-to-airport services

This shipping method entails dropping off your consignment at a drop-off depot.

  • You will need to arrange the drop-off yourself. A list with all available depots will be displayed at the time of booking.
  • Once this is done, your shipment will be transported to the airport of your choice, where your recipient will have to collect it and clear it through customs.

Optional Air Freight Collection Service

Optional Air Freight Collection Service

Ship comfortably and book our optional collection service to have your goods picked up from your home or business address.

  • Following collection, your goods will be transported to our main depot.
  • The collection cost will be displayed during the booking process, during which you will be able to add a collection to your order. The price will be based on the weight and dimensions of your consignment.

What does "consolidated" mean?

What does "consolidated" mean?

"Consolidated" is an industry term referring to pre-booked space bought by an agent from an airline in advance. Because the space is bought in advance over the given time period, the airline will offer the space at a reduced cost.

The UK agent will issue a "Master Air Waybill" covering all the individual shipments in the consolidation. Each individual shipment will have its own "House Air Waybill" (HAWB).


  • Reduced freight costs, especially for smaller shipments.
  • An Agent is preselected at destination (useful if the consignee does not have an Agent - see also below).


  • The "consols" are only available on certain days which may not coincide with your preferred departure date.
  • The Agent at destination is predetermined by the Agent in the UK, which may not suit the consignee (receiver) if they already have their own Agent.
  • Consols are only available on major routes.

What is "back to back"?

What is "back to back"?

"Back to Back" is the industry term for an individual booking made direct with the Airline, i.e. not "consolidated" with other shipments. It is allocated its own straightforward "Air Waybill" (not Master & House Air Waybills as for Consolidated bookings).


  • Greater selection of direct flights and routes.
  • The consignee (receiver) can select their own Agent at destination.


  • Can be more expensive for smaller shipments.
  • No pre-selected Agent at destination if the consignee does not have an Agent (see also benefits).


Air Freight Services to over 700 airports worldwide

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