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Reported Fraud Attempts

This is a list of known scammers posing as Transglobal Express. The most recently reported or active scams are at the top of the table. Information may vary slightly from the below.

The emails or calls you have received may still be fraudulent even if they do not appear on this list. If you are unsure, please contact us. You can also view our general guide to fraud for more information.

Fraudulent website addresses have been provided for your information, but we would advise against visiting these websites. As such, we do not link to them.


Last reported Description Contact/sender names Contact details Fake order references
26/9/23 Scam targeting individuals in Thailand, asking for payments in baht.   [email protected]  
14/9/23 Fraud website, using our logo and images.
[email protected]
Phone: +1 807-789-5354, +1 808-707-6381, +61 3 9018 5770
6/6/23 Fraud website. While not branded as us (they use the name 'Global Wave Logistics Shipping Line'), the website has lifted much of our copy verbatim and provides our phone number on several pages, including its 'Refund Policy'.
[email protected]
22/5/23 Shipment clearance scam.   [email protected]  
3/5/23 Fraud website. (one S at the end)
[email protected]
Phone: +44 (203) 318 5120
26/9/22 These fraud websites have all lifted our site template, assets and content.
21/9/22 Fraudulent email - Yemen to United Kingdom; claims parcels are at branch office in Turkey, with three types of delivery available.   [email protected]

Phone: +447735109250, +447362032721
11/5/22 Fraudulent website.  
20/4/22 Fraudulent website using our logo and assets.

[email protected]

Phone: +1 204-817-2731, +1(206) 946-8783
17/2/22 Someone posing as a Transglobal employee on Google.   [email protected]

Phone: 08136827497
13/12/21 Fraudulent Facebook page using our logo/assets.  
13/12/21 Fraudulent Facebook page using our logo/assets.  
26/10/21 Fraud email that includes WhatsApp contact number. Emmanuel Piero
Emmanuel Johansen
Phone: + 44 7441 442169

[email protected]
[email protected]
6/9/21 Fraud website.  
9/6/21 Fraud Facebook page with a California address - we don't have a California office!
[email protected]
9/6/21 Fraud website with Facebook page. (no E in express)
9/6/21 Fraud Facebook page.
[email protected]
14/5/21 They've duplicated our website and swapped the logo for their own, "Courier Ways".
[email protected]
14/4/21 An email from Transglobe Express Delivery Service India, asking for personal information so they can deliver a parcel. Mr Onyx Perry [email protected]
Phone: +917031846586
26/3/21 Someone claiming to sell boats. Communcations include a 'Useful Information' PDF document with container specifications, using our name and logo.
[email protected]
29/12/20 A scam email is currently in circulation requesting payment for import fees due to recent changes in customs regulations. Payment is requested via PaySafeCard. We never request payments of any type via platforms such as PaySafeCard.      
5/6/20 Fraud website, and email regarding shipment of tools from Hungary to the UK. Website lists our Feltham address. The domain is registered in Mumbai, India.
[email protected]
[email protected]
2/6/20 Emails targeting people in Spain, including pro forma invoice attachment.  
12/11/19 Email claiming a delivery of gifts including jewellery and perfume. Fake air waybill attachment. Photos of diamond rings. Targeting people in Croatia. Richard Basilo/Basilio

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
21/10/19 Fake label. Nancy James  
21/10/19 Fraudulent website. Desmond Harry Lawson
Robert Hank
Ben Laurence
Beatrice Williams
James Martins
[email protected]
21/10/19 Fraudulent website.  
29/8/19 Fraud email in French.  M. Michel Fernando

[email protected]
[email protected]
18/2/19 Fraud website and emails using our assets.  
27/11/18 Fraud website. Emails relating to this website have concerned papers required for a delivery from the USA to Chile. CL0181US1792YQW331A
26/11/18 Email requesting Western Union transfer for a parcel containing Apple products. Origins in Italy. Kelly John

Leigh Hester
[email protected]

Phone: +39 351 231 4451
21/11/18 Sender from Austin, Texas. Head Branch stated as North Korea, though with California address details. Targeted individuals in Indonesia. Charles Lee Wong  
21/11/18 Security company claiming to have a diplomatic box, requesting an insurance sum of $1000. Cassandra Hood [email protected]  
14/11/18 Payment invoice for a 1992 Lamborghini, with a seller in Portland, Oregon, and bank account in Miami, Florida. Targeted individuals in Germany. Peter Scheffer

[email protected]
Payment Invoice #DE383HN28483JS81
23/10/18 Transworld Expressmax - a fake website and Facebook page using our logo and scraped social media content. Seems to be Bulgarian in origin.
29/8/18 Regarding a shipment from an address in Scotland to the US. Uses a duplicate of our website, the names of real staff members and fake LinkedIn profiles. Jie Zong

[email protected]
Tracking no.: AWB68646790
4/5/18 This person claims they have a parcel for you in order to scam you out of money. South Africa based. Martin David

[email protected]

Phone: (+27)0110755172
(+27) 0604980885
Tracking no.: 8077635483
27/4/18 Indian scam - requests transfer payment of 28,000 rupees, then asks for 5,000 more. Consignment Note No.: LT234237AA
10/4/18 Supposedly a delivery from a US military base in Syria, targeting individuals in Thailand. Jannifer Scott [email protected]

[email protected]
9/4/18 We have received emails from several individuals who have been targeted by fraud from this US domain. One person was sent an email from an American hotel regarding a job vacancy - they were told that documents were sent through our courier service and they would have to pay $250 to have them delivered.

[email protected]
23/3/18 Email quoting for an insurance fee, payable to a man in Turkey. Fidan Cevlik

Fredrick James Creager, United States Air Force officer  
21/3/18 Email regarding an order from Afghanistan to Brazil. Gabriel Owen, military    
15/3/18 Fraud invoice email using our template. Do not click on any of the links as they will download a malicious .zip file from a site unrelated to our company.

See our alert for more information, including a screenshot.
Invoice - 123465
15/3/18 Samsung 'Certificate of Approval', apparently for a box full of cash. Targeting invididuals in Papua New Guinea. Jerry Okom    
9/3/18 Fraud duplicate website with alternative contact details. They are also on Facebook as "Transglobe Express".

Phone: +905316503504
22/2/18 Fraud website for "TG Express", listing our office address.

Phone: +447453058462

Email: [email protected]
[email protected]
16/11/17 Reported fraud website - server and domain fraudulently registered to our office address. Thomas Pickety

Phone: +44 (020) 3286 9740

Email: [email protected]
12/9/17 Fraud website.

Email: [email protected]
8/9/17 False Facebook profiles claiming to be Transglobal Express. We have reported these to Facebook and are awaiting a response. Cross Mass
26/8/17 The scammer got in contact with someone on a dating app. After one week of chatting on WhatsApp, the scammer told his target that he wanted to send a box with his personal belongings because he will be deployed from Afghanistan to Syria as a member of the US Army. When the target gave details, the scammer sent a supposed receipt/invoice of the transaction from Transglobal. The target later received a call from a Turkish phone number stating that the parcel had been held in customs due to outstanding insurance fees. Miller Rojas

Mr. Robert Iwan
Phone: +1 (505) 398-6689
+90 5369410986

Email: [email protected]
[email protected]
16/8/17 Email with attachment from ASIA GLOBALIA EXPRESS. David Richard    
9/8/17 Email with "SONY PARCEL DELIVERY.pdf" attachment. Provides fake ID card with a photo of former Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Raena Crawshaw

Ben Alexander
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]
7/8/17 A package from a man in a Syrian military base for someone in Vietnam. Jack Donald    
20/7/17 Claims to be a branch of Transglobal Express in the USA, requesting payment of $365 for delivery of Visa packages and work permit card. Includes attachment "transglobal express.docx". Kenneth Suh Email: [email protected]  
26/5/17 Parcel from the UK held in Nairobi, Kenya. Demanding $200. Frankline Martinez Phone: +254795428226  
8/5/17 Report of someone pretending to be Transglobal Express and requests money for parcels to be released. Robert Iwan Email: [email protected]  
16/2/17 Targeting people in Myanmar. Description: gold jewellery, gold watch, gold ring, handbag, iPhone 6, etc. Martin Aimee

Mr Benjamin Gardner
Phone: +447565892771  
16/2/17 From Minnesota, USA. Requests $500. Yellow email, uses our photos, Transglobal logo with a globe for the O. Dagan Bolingo    
16/2/17 From Orlando City, Florida, USA. Requests $2300. Apple Mac-Book, teddy bear, iPhone, wrist watch, etc. Includes photos of all of the listed items. Donald Smith    
14/2/17 Requests deposit of $520.   [email protected]  
13/2/17 Requests payment of $70. Philippines. Maxwell Fucarile    
10/2/17   Richard Buffet    
10/2/17   Mr Alfred Bradley    
30/1/17 Requests 22,520 pesos. Mark William Howard    
6/1/17 $285 to receive package. Sawyer Nathaniel    
5/1/17 1 Set of Wrist Watches, Rose Flowers, iphone 6s, Camera, HP Laptop and Envelop. Ms. Billigun/Admin Dept.  
4/1/17   Ethan Stewart

Mr Mei Qiong Zhu
[email protected] TGE REF: PINKNMW0092X781
5/12/16 Email requesting $5200 for the rental of a plane to deliver items.     Tracking no.: 361917342
28/11/16 Sao Paulo, Brazil.     Tracking no.: RE918070960BR
24/11/16 Ghana. Phonecall - claims to have a parcel from the recipient's sister: some items in two brown boxes which contain dresses, shoes, a mobile phone and one small fridge. Seeking payment of GHC350. When calling them, they will sometimes respond, "You are welcome to Transglobal Express. We deliver goods globally and locally." Kwadwo Ntiamoah Phone: +233247932578,
Code: 110008811
11/10/16 A phonecall from a branch in Manila or Cebu, the Philippines, requesting customs clearance fees. Mark Howard William    
 8/10/16 Includes a green-yellow table with 'Summary Report of Your Consignment'. Uses our logo and a photo of a box. Has targeted people in Malaysia and Thailand.  John Kevin Smith
30/9/16 Parcel retained in Johannesburg, South Africa. Requires payment of R1450, will subsequently charge more "because of delays". Fm Mtshali Phone: 0110749102


13/9/16 Email requesting 'basic charge' and 'inter charges' totalling £1100. Route London > Germany > Dubai > Malaysia > Vietnam. Mr Harry Aries

Mr Velli Clinton
  Airwaybill no. 4433

Package Secret Code: LDK56578999444PW
9/9/16 Package requiring customs and tax of 22,520 pesos.  Mark William Howard    
9/9/16 Email from Trans-Global Courier (UK) - a shipment of a Sony device, requiring a transfer of $500.    [email protected]

Code Number: 8796097JK05655

Batch Number: 201498990988

8/9/16 Thailand: delivery of 1,500,000 USD but requesting 36,000 baht in taxes and customs fees. Red and white image/PDF attachment with our name and logo at the top. Target may receive a phonecall.     Shipment Number: 9156762600

Sender reference: AEAC/00/1900/08
6/9/16 An email requesting thousands of pounds in customs fees, which apologises for a delayed email due to network problems. Osasogie Christain Osaghalele

Burak Mehmet
Phone: +90 (551) 606 2580
Tracking no. TR3139374652196
5/9/16 An email regarding a delivery from Britain to Saudi Arabia, which is supposedly being held in customs. Requests payment of $550. Provides fake ID card with a photo of former Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Ben Alexander Phone: +442032394301
Tracking no. TG09891100
2/9/16 Email about an order held in Sao Paulo Airport, Brazil, requesting deposit of thousands of dollars. They ask for $1100 initially, then another $4900. Stanley Nonso

Henry Good
Phone: +447031904994

[email protected]

[email protected]
Order no. Qr44A30D
26/8/16 An email with a PDF announcing that you have won a million dollars and a Sony Xperia Z4 or 5, but payment is required for delivery. It gives you three delivery options: gold delivery, premium delivery and classic delivery. Mr Ben Alexander
Kim Crawshaw
Phone: +447031933097, +447031992388

[email protected]
22/8/16 Ghana-based.



Sending code no. LP01070891
8/8/16 Request for transportation fee/insurance of $300 via Western Union to an account in Michigan, Detroit. Zip code 48044. Arran Culbert  


8/7/16 Email from "Trans Global Delivery Service American Branch Texas", asking for a payment of $300 by Western Union. David Suh [email protected]


1/7/16 Call from someone who claims to be a Transglobal Express agent, concerning delivery of Apple Macbook and Gucci clutch. Requests money for parcel sent from New Jersey, USA, to Kenya that is in excess of weight restrictions. Adam Romans (Facebook profile: "Pilot in command at Atlanta, Georgia") Phone: 0204402021

R. Code 044235806

ID no. 24385655

1/6/16 A message about a delivery from France to Kenya asking for a customs payment and delivery fee. They may contact you by phone. They ask for money to be sent to their bank account. Chris Adams
Joel Akumu
Mr Patel
Phone: 0202000847 R. code 002602927
21/5/16 An email requesting insurance payment, for a delivery from Cameroon to Dubai.   [email protected]
Tracking no. 33005481
8/5/16 An email from Transglobal Express Courier Services regarding an ATM card sent from London to Albania, being held by the Belgian authorities. David Richman [email protected]
Tracking no. 775235885922
27/4/16 Contact regarding a delivery from New Jersey, USA, to Kenya, requesting payment of charges via mpesa. They will call and send you the business and account number. Adam Romans   Retrieval code 088511964
19/4/16 Emails and SMS requesting money for a delivery sent with Global Airlines. Calvin    
30/3/16 An email with a PDF attachment requesting fees for customs duties, insurance and clearance, totalling £3,900. It says ‘Transglobalexpress Worldwide Courier’ and ‘International Diplomatic World Wide Shipment Only’ at the top and claims to be sent from the UK. Sender varies, but has included:

Elton Brown
Bruno Charles
  Transport collection sticker no. ENG000563E2BP
28/3/16 An email requesting customs and clearance fees. Non-stop nuisance calls threatening to sue in absence of payment. Ms. Jiao Ling-Long, Asia Regional Office - Cambodia [email protected]
Consignment no. 33151301192016
24/3/16 Email regarding the delivery of a laptop and phone. The contact will request payment for delivery. Based in Enugu, Nigeria. Mr Chukwu Andrew Phone: 09095456071, +2349095456071 Tracking no. RS257804631CN
13/3/16 A request for customs payment of $1750 to India. Paul Douglas   Tracking no. GL00016K

Bill no. 221013079
11/3/16 An email requesting customs fee of $360 for the delivery of a parcel from the UK to Kenya, via India. Also claims that Indian customs requires large payment for an Anti-Money Laundry certificate. Moses Jeff
Gordon Jerry Smith
Steve Salon
Alec Bruce
Phone: +917291830967 Waybill 7198227374
4/3/16 Payment for delivery from the UK to India.     TRANS4645453
29/2/16 A text that says your parcel is on hold in India, requesting payment. Tony Hart   TG57292955532UK
23/2/16 A request for customs payment to India, providing account details for a bank with a Nawada branch. John Harry
Ritesh Kumar
Phone: 8376991374 Tracking no. trans34987
11/2/16 A call from a person claiming that she has mistakenly put your phone number as the contact number of the recipient – requests that you make a deposit so that you can take delivery of the parcels and her brother will pay you back later. Ghana based. Esther Boadu Phone: 0247217008 010748291
8/2/16 Courier company demanding payment in South African rand for a parcel. Agent calls asking for more money for customs clearance. Mr Phillip Jose 558196A
4/2/16 Requesting payment for papers to Argentina.   [email protected]  
7/12/15 An email where a legitimate Transglobal email address has been forged to appear as sender. There is a .doc attachment which contains a Trojan computer virus – do not open.     Order reference no. TG-1569311


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