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If you've not imported to the UK before, don’t worry—it's simple. It works just like exports:

  • You make your booking online.
  • Your chosen courier collects the parcel from the address in the other country.
  • You can track your parcel from its origin to its UK destination.

All of the big courier companies like DHL, UPS, TNT and DPD have extensive networks across the globe and their service works exactly the same way in every country.

What do I do with the shipping labels?

When you book with Transglobal, the shipping labels, collection manifest and customs invoice (if applicable) are made available to the account holder as PDF downloads.

These labels will need to be printed and attached to any parcels as instructed. If you are the receiver, you will need to forward your documents to the sender at the collection address.

Parcel delivery to the UK

What about customs restrictions in the UK?

When you send a parcel anywhere in the world, you need to be aware of the customs regulations for the destination country.

Currently, if you are sending to the UK from another EU country, you don’t need to include a customs invoice. If you are sending from outside of the EU, the customs invoice will need to be printed off and attached to your parcel as instructed. You may use your own if you have one.

Most items that can’t be sent by courier will be covered by our general guide to prohibited and restricted items, but you should also check with HM Revenue & Customs if you are not sure.

For details on customs, taxes and duties when importing to the UK, you can consult the government website. We don’t have any say over customs and any applicable charges will be made directly to the receiver when the parcel arrives in the UK.

Are these services suitable for businesses?

We offer courier services that can be used for personal and commercial shipments. With the rise of cross-border e-commerce, more people than ever are sending their goods to customers abroad.

Merchants in over 200 countries worldwide, including the United States, China, Italy and France, can easily send to customers in the UK with our import services. If you are based in the UK, they are ideal for shipping returned goods to your address.

Import to the UK

What about luggage?

Whether you’re coming back from your holidays, returning from studies abroad, or moving to the UK, our import services are a great alternative to paying exorbitant airline fees for excess baggage.

Not every courier accepts suitcases, but you can check our service information, where we’ve made a note for those that don’t. You can also call our team on 0345 145 1212, or email [email protected], for advice.

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