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Amazon has launched a limited package delivery service for Amazon Prime subscribers that allows parcels to be left in the backs of customers’ vehicles.

After trials last year, Amazon is rolling out the service in 37 US cities in partnership with Volvo and General Motors.

With this new service, couriers are given access to a customer’s vehicle using technology embedded within modern vehicles, as opposed to the smart locks that had been trialled previously. It’s currently only available to customers with recent models (since 2015) of Volvo or General Motors vehicles.

Rear of a Volvo

Customers have to add the car on their Amazon Key app, including a description to help the couriers identify it. The vehicle can be anywhere within a certain radius of a private or business address the customer uses for deliveries, and will be located using its GPS location and license plate number.

Packages have to be smaller than 26 x 21 x 16 inches in size and weigh less than 50 pounds. They also can’t be valued over $1,300, require a signature, or be sold by a third-party seller.

Amazon will be trialling with Volvo and General Motors for two years and plans to add other car companies over time.

(Source: Verge)

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