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The UK Border Force has seized a shipment of suspected missile warhead components bound for Iran at London Heathrow airport.

The freight shipment contained at least two “O rings”, which are used to form seals in rockets, though the shipment was supposedly destined for use in the Iranian oil industry.

“We had a couple of O rings that we identified,” said Monique Wrench, deputy director of the UK Border Force at Heathrow. “O rings are pieces of rubber that go between tubes to stop leakage to seal them. They can be used in oil, but they can also be used for warheads and the like.”

The sale, supply, transfer or export of military goods and technology is banned as part of sanctions against Iran by Britain and other countries—in fact, the UK government website very specifically mentions the ban on the import or export of “missile-related goods”. These prohibitions remain in place despite the lifting of some sanctions as part of the 2015 nuclear deal.

Those responsible for attempting to ship the parts could face arrest and prosecution, though no arrests have yet been confirmed.

(Source: Evening Standard)


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