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A UPS driver left an unusual note for Marcy Lanier, a resident of Asheville in North Carolina, after a package couldn’t be delivered to her doorstep: “Bear in driveway”, it said.

Lanier posted a picture of the note on Facebook, which has since gone viral, receiving over 3,500 shares.

She said the driver left the package and note in her mailbox, at the drop of the drive.

“So there was a bear in the driveway, so he couldn’t drop it off on my front porch. He normally drops packages on my front porch. So that’s how it happened. He could stay safe in his truck, on the road.”

According to Lanier, bears show up on her street all the time. One year ago, a bear in the neighbourhood made headlines after opening a car door.

(Source: WLOS News 13)

Header image: Matthias Goetzke

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