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GMB union has retracted its support for a planned walkout of DPD drivers after the courier company threatened to sue.

Dozens of drivers at the Cambuslag depot in Glasgow have planned a walkout over the Black Friday weekend—the busiest period of the year for parcel delivery—over a rates dispute, contract amendments and pressure to work over the busy weekend.

Earlier this year, DPD reviewed its gig economy employment model following the death of driver Don Lane, whose wife claimed he missed important medical appointments to avoid fines from the company.

While disputing this version of events, DPD abolished the fines and offered options for sick and holiday pay to self-employed contractors.

However, the company does not recognise the planned December walkout as legitimate trade action, on the basis that the couriers in question remain contractors rather than employees.

Lawyers representing DPD told GMB it would hold the union accountable for losses if it encouraged the action.

In a memo withdrawing its support, GMB informed its members that they would be in breach of their DPD service agreements and could also be held financially liable as individuals if they proceeded with the walkout.

Source: The Guardian

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