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There are some items that can be shipped by courier, but due to their nature you may be unsure of the exact rules for shipping them.

Here are three items we get a lot of queries about, along with the most important information you need to know for each of them.

Sending passports by courier

You will need approval from the HMRC for passports sent from the UK. They are subject to inspection at customs. You can insure shipments of passports for the cost of replacement, but not against consequential loss.

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Sending chocolate by courier

You can send most food that’s not perishable—i.e. it has a long shelf-life and won’t spoil if it’s stored in a cool, dry place like a cupboard. Use styrofoam coolers and aluminium foil inside your box. If it’s a short journey, you can use cool packs or ice packs.

Send chocolate by courier
Credit: Charisse Kenion

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Sending mobile phones by courier

Not all couriers accept mobile phones. Those that do allow a maximum of two phones per shipment. Lithium ion batteries must be stored inside the device and must not exceed restrictions set by the courier (usually 100 Wh per battery). You can’t ship phones to some countries, such as Turkey and Pakistan.

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Is there another item you’re not sure about?

We can advise on specific courier restrictions for any of the services we provide.

Unfortunately we are not able to provide comprehensive information about customs regulations for every country, but we will do our best to assist. We would suggest taking a look at the official customs website for the country you are sending to/from, or contacting the customs office directly.

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