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FedEx is partnering with non-profit Boston-based MassRobotics, which will give the company access to the US’ largest innovation hub for logistics robotics and AI technology.

MassRobotics provides collaborative space and hosts activities and events for its network of robotics companies. The organisation has already partnered with more than 300 entities including universities, startups and established companies such as Amazon, Panasonic and Honda.

“We are particularly interested in learning about emergent technologies that address our business challenges,” said FedEx’s vice president of service experience leadership, Rebecca Yeung, “and as an added benefit of this relationship, we will have an opportunity to work closely with these robotics companies and have insight into their development of solutions that impact the transportation and logistics industry.”

In return, FedEx is likely to provide funding for MassRobotics’ various initiatives, though the company did not disclose details

“It’s basically an opportunity for both of our organizations to work together and see what we can do together,” said MassRobotics co-founder Fady Saad.

Source: Commercial Appeal

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