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Last week Amazon lifted its ban on FedEx Ground for deliveries of Prime shipments by its third-party Marketplace sellers.

Amazon had temporarily banned the carrier’s road service in the run-up to Christmas, the busiest time of year for parcel delivery, “until the delivery performance of these ship methods improves”.

In the meantime, sellers had to switch to UPS or the pricier option of FedEx Express—or they would have to remove the Prime label from their products.

Not everyone was happy about the decision, as FedEx Ground was a way for sellers to maintain economical delivery costs while still qualifying for, and reaping the benefits of, higher-visibility Prime labelling.

This all happened against a backdrop of a dwindling relationship between the two companies, after FedEx decided not to renew some of its Amazon contracts last year.

However, Amazon ended the FedEx Ground ban on January 14th after determining that it was once again satisfied with the carrier’s performance.

Source: The Verge

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