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Amazon delivered 66% of its own packages in July 2020, up from 54% in July 2019 and 61% between April and June.

Like other companies including FedEx, UPS and DHL, Amazon has been enjoying an e-commerce boost due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has seen customers making a far greater number of home deliveries. But this doesn't appear to have led to a proportionally greater need for assistance from UPS or USPS.

Amazon shipped a total of 415 million packages in July, up from an average 389 million packages in the preceding three months.

According to ShipMatrix, a logistics consultancy firm, Amazon may be on track to shipping 80% of its own packages by next year.

Amazon has emerged as a serious contender in the logistics space over the past several years. Last year FedEx chose not to renew major contracts with the retailer, citing a refocusing of the business, though CEO Fred Smith did eventually acknowledge that Amazon had become a direct competitor.

UPS has chosen to maintain its relationship with the company, at least in the short term.

Source: CNBC

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