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Booking services from our depot can save you money while offering convenience and flexibility if you’re sending a lot of parcels.

It’s less costly for the courier to collect from our depot in bulk, so we get reduced rates – which we can then pass on to you.

You can easily add on a collection service for door-to-door delivery. Even with our standard collection fee of £6.95, it still often works out cheaper than the alternative, and may cost much less per parcel depending on the number of orders booked.

The more you send, the more you save

Services from our depot are designed so that they are particularly cost-effective if you’re shipping small items in bulk.

So for example, at the time of writing, it costs just £5.70 to ship a 450g mail item from our depot with our USPS Smartmail Expedited service. Collection from your door costs an additional £6.95. However, you can consolidate parcels up to a total weight of 30kg for a single collection fee.

So say you’re sending 50 of these parcels, each to a different address in the US. The total weight of all these parcels would be 22.5kg. So if you’re able to put them all in the one container, the cost with a single collection would be:

(5.70 x 50) + 6.95 = £291.95

That works out at just £5.84 per parcel.

If you were sending the maximum possible number of parcels under the weight limit (66 parcels for a total weight of 29.7kg), it would cost even less—just £5.81 per parcel!

Ease and flexibility

USPS is just one of nine different service types that between them ship from our depot to hundreds of destinations around the world.

When you consolidate your parcels for collection, they don’t all have to be for the same address, the same destination country, or even booked for the same service.

Booking multiple parcel deliveries online

You can mix and match parcels for any of those nine services from our depot, as long as the total weight doesn’t exceed 30kg. We’ll unpack your collection box at our depot, sort your parcels and send them on their way.

What’s more, you can add new orders to an existing collection at no extra charge, as long as you’re still under the max weight and book before the collection date.

Save even more with TG Courier

Collection from your door now costs only £3.95 with TG Courier, which is available for selected postcodes in London and North West England.

Depending on the service and postcode, we may be able to offer free collection. Enter your postcode in the quote form to see if your postcode is eligible. It’ll say Free in the Collection column.

Normally an optional collection adds one extra day to the transit time for these services, to allow for overnight delivery to our depot. However, with TG Courier we’ll collect your parcels ourselves and ship them from our depot same day.

More drop-off options

You can make the most of our cheapest rates for these services by dropping off at one of our depots directly, or at one of several Post & Packing shops. See the full list of locations here.

However, if these options aren’t convenient for you and you don’t want to wait in for collection, you can choose from hundreds of DPD or UPS drop-off points nationwide. These carriers will deliver to our depot for an additional £5.59 or £8.95 respectively. For these drop-off services, the box containing all of your parcels must not exceed a total of 20kg.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions about these services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call us on 0345 145 1212, email, or speak to us on Live Chat.

This article was updated on 1/3/21 to reflect new TG Courier pricing.

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