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DHL Express has announced a new partnership with Fiat Professional and purchased 100 new Fiat E-Ducato vans for its fleet in Europe.

According to DHL, this forms part of its plan to add more than 14,000 e-vehicles to its fleet, with 60% electrified, by 2030.

Its current fleet in Europe is around 14,500 strong—14,000 non-electric vehicles, and just 500 electric vans—with an expected count of approximately 20,000 vans by 2030. This means it’s aiming for around 14,000 electric vehicles by the target date.

Fiat E-Ducato in DHL Express branding
Credit: Deutsche Post DHL Group

DHL’s purchase is the first of Fiat’s new model, which was revealed to the public just last week. The E-Ducatos are completely electric, with batteries that will run for around 200km, making them ideal for last-mile deliveries, which take place mainly in urban and metropolitan areas.

However, the E-Ducatos have been trialed in a range of extreme operating conditions, such as cold temperatures, steep inclines, and long distances.

Deutsche Post DHL Group, DHL Express’ parent company, is investing €7 billion in measures to reduce carbon emissions by 2030. The company’s strategy includes sustainable aviation fuel and climate-neutral buildings, as well as electric vehicles.

Source: Deutsche Post DHL Group

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