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Yesterday DHL Express began construction of its new Munich Airport gateway facility.

With a gross floor area of over 11,000 square metres, it’s almost seven times as big as the warehouse currently rented by DHL Express at the airport.

DHL hopes that its €104 million investment will allow the company to keep pace with the growth of import and export volumes passing through Munich.

Computer-generated rendering of completed DHL Express facility
Credit: Deutsche Post DHL Group

The facility will boast two "PUD fingers", which allow pick-up and delivery for up to 65 vehicles, helping to speed up transit times for customers, especially in the local region of Bavaria.

The company will be using energy-saving materials and LED lighting technology at the facility, as well as equipping it with heat pumps and a photovoltaic (solar-powered) system to power servers and computers.

The PUD fingers will also have 32 e-vehicle charging stations, with others for apron and employee vehicles. Employees themselves will double from the current 72 staff once DHL moves into the new building.

Source: Deutsche Post DHL Group

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