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UPS has ordered eight more Boeing 767 Freighters, adding to its existing fleet of 100. The company will begin taking delivery of the new jets in 2025.

This follows a purchase of 19 jets at the end of last year, in response to the pandemic e-commerce boom. A 767-300 converted freighter will also be added to the fleet next year.

The 767 Freighter is a desirable model for UPS as it combines good capacity (52.4 tons) with long intercontinental range.

Nando Cesarone, UPS’ executive vice president and president US, said of the model: “This is a very versatile aircraft that we operate across every region of the globe.”

Boeing has been manufacturing the 767 model for around forty years. It began as a passenger plane before a freighter variant was created and used by UPS in 1995.

Other companies making express deliveries, such as FedEx Express and Amazon, also use 767s, some of them purchased from other carriers.

UPS currently operates a total of 238 Boeing freighters, including 747, 757, 767 and MD-11 models.

Source: Freight Waves, Boeing, Simple Flying

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