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JLR continue their partnership with DHL after 15 years of collaboration. A freight services contract with DHL Supply Chain UK has recently been renewed for a further 3 years.

This contract has been updated to support new sustainable commitments from DHL. It includes the aim to convert the entire UK fleet within the JLR operation to low and zero emission vehicles by 2024. If achieved, it will reduce their carbon emissions by up to 84%.

DHL will start by changing around 30 of their diesel trucks and replacing them with new bio–CNG Scania 4x2 trucks that will decrease carbon emissions by 85%. These will mainly be put to work at two locations, Solihull and Halewood. They have also added a fully electric truck weighing 40 tonnes, which will be the first in the fleet.

Additionally, DHL will be launching larger trailers that are expected to reduce the number of trips for deliveries, as more cargo can be loaded onto the trucks.

JLR have stated that it is important to them to work closely with DHL to reduce their Scope 3 emissions—those not produced by the company itself but for which they are indirectly responsible. They believe they share similar values with DHL, are making good progress with the introduction of EV vehicles, and that this scheme will help them with their long-term carbon reduction strategy.

The managing director of DHL Supply Chain has said that they are more than happy to continue their relationship with DHL and are excited for the future as the company transitions away from diesel. They say this will enable them to meet both their environmental and financial targets.

Source: DHL

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