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FedEx collaborated with Dexterity AI to produce trailer-loading robots which are aimed at making the shipping process more efficient.

FedEx are looking to grow their automated package handling process through many of their operations. They are looking to do this by implementing AI that will be able to load and unload parcels, which frees up time for employees to do other tasks, helping to keep efficiency in the workforce high.

Trailers which are being loaded and unloaded are tricky and can be very challenging for employees due to the size, shape, and weight of the parcels. By using this AI, it allows for easier handling without the risk of injury and disruption.

FedEx’s partner Dexterity use their AI software to power the DexR robot. The robot can access the loads quickly to unload and load. The machine can use touch to gently move boxes and provide accurate placing to maximise space.

FedEx are investing further in robotics as other companies slow down due to the current state of the economy. As rivals lack the capital to invest, it seems as if FedEx are trying to gain that edge.

Source: SupplyChainDive

Header image: Simon Kadula

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