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Transglobal Express has once again been awarded a certificate of Compliance Plus for Customer Service Excellence by the Centre for Assessment.

The CSE Award recognises companies with a truly customer-focused culture, through a rigorous assessment that includes on-site visits, during which staff are interviewed, and a documentation review.

We achieved Full Compliance in all areas of assessment, including customer insight, company culture, accessibility, delivery, and quality of service.

The assessor noted that we have responded effectively to rapidly changing demands since COVID-19, recognising the different needs of an ever-broadening consumer base, consistently maintaining quality of service through ongoing staff training and website development, and providing plenty of opportunities for customer feedback.

CSE CertificateCSE Certificate – Compliance Plus (Page 1)CSE Certificate – Compliance Plus (Page 2)

We earned a ranking of Compliance Plus in 11 specific areas of assessment, which means they were found to be of an exceptional standard.

These areas were as follows:

Customer Insight

1.1.2 We have developed customer insight about our customer groups to better understand their needs and preferences.

1.2.2 We have made the consultation of customers integral to continually improving our service and we advise customers of the results and action taken.

1.3.5 We have made positive changes to services as a result of analysing customer experience, including improved customer journeys.

Culture of the Organisation

2.1.1 There is corporate commitment to putting the customer at the heart of service delivery and leaders in our organisation actively support this and advocate for customers.

2.1.4 We ensure that all customers and customer groups are treated fairly and this is confirmed by feedback and the measurement of customer experience.

2.1.6 We empower and encourage all employees to actively promote and participate in the customer-focused culture of our organisation.

2.2.1 We can demonstrate our commitment to developing and delivering customer focused services through our recruitment, training and development policies for staff.

2.2.2 Our staff are polite and friendly to customers and have an understanding of customer needs.

Information and Access

3.3.2 We evaluate how customers interact with the organisation through access channels and we use this information to identify possible service improvements and offer better choices.


4.3.1 We identify any dips in performance against our standards and explain these to customers, together with action we are taking to put things right and prevent further recurrence.

Timeliness & Quality of Service

5.2.5 We respond to initial enquiries promptly, if there is a delay we advise the customer and take action to rectify the problem.

About Transglobal Express

Transglobal Express is one of the UK’s leading international courier and freight forwarding providers. Since its incorporation in 1993, the company has earned a reputation for high quality air freight, sea freight and worldwide courier services.


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