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The freight branch of international courier and logistics company DHL has recently launched an all-year round freight shipping solution for companies looking to deliver temperature-sensitive goods between Europe and China.

The new service is rail-based and runs along the fastest lane from China to Europe - between Chengdu, China and Lodz, Poland. The transport vehicles are powered by diesel electric engines and fitted with the latest technology which allows for precise temperature control of containers on board. Regardless of external temperatures which, depending on the season, can be as high as 26C and plunge as low as -17C , optimal internal temperatures from -25C and 25C can be maintained all year round.

DHL launched the link between China and Europe in 2013 in partnership with YHF Logistics, a rail operator that runs along China's West corridor - the Chengdu Express. The new temperature-controlled service offered is indicative of what all of the big logistics firms seem to acknowledge as an important future sector. UPS recently opened a new temperature-sensitive hub in Canada, while FedEx Executives held virtual roundtables on the matter only last week.

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