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Transglobal Express is proud to launch “pre-pay credit”, a new tool that will make booking quicker and easier for all customers and enable better budget management for business customers.

From today, customers are able to add any amount of credit onto their accounts in just a few quick steps and will then be able to make purchases using this credit, without having to enter card details every time they wish to book a parcel delivery.

If customers have any pre-paid credit available, this will automatically trigger an option to pay using the credit at the final stage of the booking process. It’s also possible to use pre-pay credit to pay part of the cost of the order, even if the credit available does not cover the total cost.

Pre-pay credit will never expire, so it’s also a useful resource for Transglobal’s many business customers who may wish to budget for their parcel deliveries in advance.

The new feature is one of the first of many improvements Transglobal is planning to introduce to the new website in the coming months. Web Development Manager Stephen Roberts explained why it’s a good place to start: “The pre-pay credit feature is a great way to kick off our improvement programme as it’s such a simple solution that we know will save customers a lot of time. Credit is added via SagePay and customers can be assured of its security,” he said.

Feedback from customers has indicated that this is a feature they would find useful and Transglobal will be gathering more customer feedback in the coming weeks to ensure that it is meeting customer needs.

If you’re a Transglobal Customer and you wish to add pre-pay credit to your account, simply visit the My Account area, click on “Account Settings” and follow the simple instructions.

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