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Air and sea freight specialist, DHL Global Forwarding, have introduced a newly developed global ocean freight service, named Ocean Secure.

With improved tracking facilities, the new service will assist those looking to ship sensitive or high value goods, particularly from industries such as healthcare cargo and life sciences. Ocean Secure will provide customers with the access to both temperature tracking and real time tracking, meaning that action is able to be taken at any point should it need to.

Andreas Boedeker, Global Head of Ocean Freight at DHL Global Forwarding, has commented: “Ocean Secure is a significant leap forward regarding transparency along the supply chain and a further development of the ocean freight business itself.” He also went on to say: “Knowing the exact whereabouts and condition of their goods will give our customers more planning flexibility.”

The ability for customers to track their shipment in real time will be a fundamental aspect of the new service. DHL Ocean Service will provide customers with in-transit visibility, as well as in-transit control. Online platforms will enable customers to view this information when needed. Any anomalies or irregularities will be able to be picked up by the DHL team who will be able to interfere when and where necessary. There will be ability for DHL to intervene with shipments from various points all over the world.

The new service is globally offered to customers; customer are able to choose between container tracking, monitoring of any opening of the container, as well as the temperature and humidity in the container using DHL SmartSensor technology.

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