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Recent news has reported that vessels powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) will be expected to be hit by a considerable reduction in port tariffs when they call at the Port of Gothenburg.

This discounted rate is anticipated to take effect as of 2015, and is due to continue for the following four years, with the goal to induce more companies in switching to using cleaner fuel. Chief Executive at the Port of Gothenburg, Magnus Karestedt, has said: “It has been our firm belief for a long time that LNG is the fuel of the future. This initiative is entirely in line with our ambition to reduce the environmental impact of shipping and create a sustainable Scandinavian freight hub.”

LNG ships will receive a tariff discount of 30% when they arrive at the port. The said discount will be available up until December of 2018, meaning that in one year alone, this would represent a massive saving for vessels that called at the port on a regular basis.

The use of the cleaner fuel will also include environmental benefits including the minimisation of sulphur and particle emissions, as well as nitrogen emissions reducing by 85-90% and carbon dioxide emissions by 25%.

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