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A listing recently appeared on Craigslist for a $600-a-month renovated FedEx truck. It’s been kitted out for accommodation, including wooden floors, mini-kitchen, sunroof and fold-out couch.

Sadly, the owner, John D. Storey, elected not to invest in plumbing. But the truck does boast simultaneous functionality as a car, storage unit and home-of-sorts (sans running water).

On the outside, it has a unique look thanks to a layer of graffiti—so you can barely even tell it’s a FedEx truck. But you’ll still get a parking ticket if you park it in the wrong place.

Ironically, for rented living space in the San Francisco Bay Area, this is probably one of the more reasonable options. It’s cheaper than a $750-a-month houseboat in the same area.

(Source: San Francisco Chronicle)

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