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DHL has launched a new concept truck that promises to be safer, cleaner and quieter than the vehicles currently on the road. It was revealed at Quiet Cities, a global summit focused on reducing the noise pollution of freight in urban environments.

The new truck reduces its carbon footprint by using Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Bio-Gas, producing 68% less particulate matter and 39% fewer nitrogen oxides, both of which are harmful to humans and the environment.

It also uses a spark-ignition engine called ‘Otto Cycle’, which reportedly reduces engine noises by up to 50% compared to standard diesel engines; as well as some extra safety features that will help with visibility and blind spots, including a 360-degree camera and extended glass panels.

The vehicle is endorsed by Claire Perry, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for the UK’s Department of Transport.

(Source: Deutsche Post DHL Group)

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