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A huge well done to the Coxless Crew for successfully completing their rowing expedition across the Pacific, from San Francisco in the US to Cairns, Australia.

The Coxless Crew are now officially the first all-female and first four-person team to complete the ocean crossing. The journey took nine months and rowed approximately 8,000 nautical miles. Accomplished in three legs, Laura Penhaul, Natalia Cohen and Emma Mitchell completed the entire journey, while Isabel Burnham, Lizanne van Vuuren and Meg Dyos finished one leg each.

Doris, their bright pink rowing boat, has also become their mascot. At 29ft long, 7ft wide and weighing 1.5 tonnes, the boat had just enough room for the women to alternate two at a time between rowing and sleeping. The boat’s name was chosen from Greek mythology, in which Doris was a sea nymph.

Emma says farewell to Doris.

 For Doris, though, the journey is not quite over. She is to be transported from Cairns back to her home in the UK. That’s where Transglobal Express comes in—we’ve arranged for the boat to be freighted and shipped halfway back around the world.

So how are we doing it? Doris has been loaded into a 40ft container in Cairns and transported by rail to Brisbane where she will be loaded onto a ship. We chose the rail option for its speed and economy, teaming up with Nick Steel at TNL International to arrange transport and loading.

Doris is lifted out of the water.

 The journey between Cairns and Brisbane is about 1,000 miles along the north-east coast of the continent, though this is nothing compared to the distance Doris has already travelled.

The distance between Brisbane to the UK is over 10,000 miles (as the crow flies), and much longer via the sea freight shipping lanes that Doris will be travelling. We won’t know the ETA until the container is loaded onto the ship, but we’ll keep you posted!

Once back in the UK, Doris will be lapping up the celebrity lifestyle, attending photoshoots, fundraisers and swanky parties. Look out for her on the cover of TIME magazine—we just hope all of this fame doesn’t go to her bow.


It's still not too late to donate to a good cause! Text DORIS to 70300 to donate £3 to Breast Cancer Care and Walking with the Wounded, or donate via the Coxless Crew website.



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