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Simon Fairless sells his own art directly to his customers. He runs his business online, where people can purchase his art through his website, simonsgallery.com.

“I am a full time artist and have been for the past 16 years,” says Simon. “I create contemporary paintings large and small, including landscape, abstract and pop art works.”

Running any kind of online business means, potentially, an international consumer base, and Simon is no exception. While he lives in the UK, a significant proportion of his art is bought from abroad.

“At least 50% of my customers are from overseas,” he says. “Most of my works go to the USA when sending abroad, and of course to the UK. The world is my customer.”

Special deliveries

For works of art, the manner of delivery is an important consideration. The art has to be carefully packaged to prevent damage; art can be fragile, and its condition is particularly important as it is likely to end up on someone’s wall.

“I make up all of my own bespoke packaging for each individual piece,” Simon explains, “as this allows me to cater for the different sizes which clients require.”

But the art still needs to be transported by a company he can trust, and in a timely manner. It’s important that customers can expect to receive their art on time—and if they don’t, it reflects negatively on Simon’s business.

So he uses Transglobal Express, who manage the logistics of international delivery and negotiate with carriers such as UPS and DHL.

For Simon, the decision to use Transglobal is simple: “If deliveries were not on time, I’d be using a different service.”

Happy customer

“I have used Transglobal for around two years now,” Simon says. “I have used other courier brokers and dealt direct with courier companies themselves. I ended up using Transglobal because I was being let down with the other options on either pick-up, delivery or cost.

“Things do go wrong or change in a delivery—not often, but when they do you need to be able to speak to a human, quickly. With Transglobal this is not a problem. With other companies... well, that's why I use Transglobal.”

Simon adds: “They are competitively priced, too, so you don't pay a premium.”


Simon’s artwork, including landscape, abstract, floral and pop art, is available for purchase at simonsgallery.com. Simon has a great “affordable art” range of professional pieces for less than £150.

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(Images © Simon Fairless)

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