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Every few months, we send out a Customer Satisfaction Survey to get an overview of how our customers think we are doing. We use this survey to help us to monitor the quality of our service and to make sure that high standards are maintained.

For our second quarterly survey this year, our customers were invited to rate several different areas of our service, including our customer service representatives and website.

The following percentages exclude survey respondents who answered “not applicable” for any questions.

Quality of customer service

85.6% of respondents rated the professionalism of our team as Good or Excellent. We scored 83.7% for level of knowledge, and 85% for overall quality of advice given.

For response times, 89.4% of customers said our speed of answering the phones was Good or Excellent; 84.7% our speed of response to emails; and 81.6% our speed of resolving queries.

90.8% of our customers feel that we listen to them and value their opinion...

Transglobal Express Customer Satisfaction Survey

...while 90.6% of our customers would “probably” or “definitely” recommend us to a friend.

Transglobal Express Customer Satisfaction Survey

Quality of website

91.8% of respondents rated our website as Good or Excellent for ease of finding information; 91.1% for clarity of information; and 92.7% for ease of booking.

For the overall experience of using our website, 92.4% of customers rated us highly.

How would you rate our services? Is there anything you think we could do better? If so, let us know by emailing us at [email protected]. Alternatively, if you have any queries about our services, contact [email protected].

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About Transglobal Express

Transglobal Express is one of the UK’s leading international courier and freight forwarding providers. Since its incorporation in 1993, the company has gained an excellent reputation for its high quality air freight, sea freight and worldwide courier services.


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