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3rd World Hope is a charity that works with disadvantaged communities in East Africa to tackle poverty and malnutrition. The charity helps these communities to become self-sufficient by cultivating land for agriculture, providing access to healthcare, and establishing nurseries and schools. Their work has focused on several different villages in Malawi, so far supporting approximately 3000 people.

In 2016, the team was able to send thousands of books to Malawian school children, thanks to generous donors such as the staff and pupils of Oldfield Primary School in Chester.

In September, Shaun, the founder of 3rd World Hope, stopped by at the Transglobal Express warehouse in Bromborough with his mum and brother. We helped them to pack the books and ship them to Malawi.

Transglobal Express packs and ships books for 3rd World Hope The books were shipping to Malawi

Shaun recently got in touch to let us know how the schoolchildren are doing and the impact that his endeavour has had on the lives of the community. The school there is now thriving.

“It’s ace to see how far we’ve come from when I came to ask you to get involved in helping develop it!” says Shaun. “Seeing the physical structure of the school improve is amazing, and seeing the improvement in the pass rate because of this has been the icing on the cake.

“In 2012 the pass rate was 0%. Some classes were taught under trees, others in ruined old buildings with no books, pens or teaching equipment. The school was ranked 150th out of 150 schools.

“It has improved each year since and this year flew past the national average of 60% and is now at 79.4%. A classroom for each class, chalkboards, textbooks, notebooks, pens, desks, uniforms and a library with solar power and laptops. I feel very proud of what we have done.

Classroom in Malawi schoolBird's-eye view of Malawi schoolClassroom teaching in Malawi schoolMalawi school across a fieldSchool children on a laptopChildren in class at school

“Thank you so much for making this happen with getting all the books and equipment out there. It wouldn't have been possible without you!”

Shaun and his team are making a huge difference in these communities. We look forward to continuing to work with 3rd World Hope in their future endeavours.

Want to help out? Why not make a monetary contribution, donate some old clothes, or volunteer for a fundraising activity? Find out more at

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