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Cheap Parcel Delivery to Beijing

Country Price
1 kg Parcel to Beijing from £24.38*
5 kg Parcel to Beijing from £40.10*
15 kg Parcel to Beijing from £70.67*
20 kg Parcel to Beijing from £85.24*
*VAT and surcharges may apply.

Book with Transglobal Express for cheap parcel delivery to Beijing

As the second most populous city in the entire world, at Transglobal Express, we understand the need for parcel delivery to Beijing. Beijing is also a major city, thriving with a well developed economy, meaning that the need for both the export and import of shipments is higher than ever. Whether you are looking to send a private or commercial shipment, we will be able to assist.

Due to the sheer volume of shipments that are sent through us to Beijing on a yearly basis, we have been able to secure fantastic rates with a selection of well known carries. Examples of the carriers that we use include DHL, UPS and TNT. The rates we offer are hugely discounted compared to the standard carrier rates; we make sure we can offer you the lowest price possible for parcel delivery to Beijing.

Get yourself a free, no obligation quote today - use our online quotation form to view and compare the range of services and competitive prices that we have to offer by simply entering the weight and measurements of your shipment. Book your parcel delivery to Beijing, or parcel delivery to China in general, with Transglobal Express for an easy, cost-effective solution to your shipping needs. We provide an excellent services complimented by outstanding customer care.

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Send documents by courier to Beijing

Aside from being able to secure cheap rates for exporting parcels to Beijing, we are able to send documents on our services. As with sending parcels, the process for sending a document to Beijing could not be easier. The transit times for sending documents to Beijing are incredibly quick and swift. It is important to remember that documents are not subject to customs clearance, therefore your delivery will be carried out efficiently and hassle-free.

Our UPS Envelope service is especially useful if you are looking to send documents to Beijing. This service offers quick, fast deliveries at amazingly cheap rates. As long as your document can fit into a branded UPS envelope - dimensions of 335x240mm - and weighs no more than 1kg, you will be able to benefit from this great service. Sending documents to Beijing is just as easy as sending a cheap parcel to Beijing.

Transit Times to Beijing

Despite it's distance from the UK, you will find that transit times to Beijing are surprisingly quick. When sending a parcel to the Chinese capital, you will find that some transit times can be as little as 3-5 working days. While are are able to provide an estimate for your delivery's expected time of arrival, we also strongly advise to refer to our Transit Time calculator facility to obtain a more precise transit time. All you need to provide are both the collection and delivery post codes.

Important Customs Information for Beijing

It is important to be aware of Chinese customs clearance when arranging your parcel delivery to Beijing. As China is outside of the EU, your shipment will be subject to various mandatory checks before being accepted into the country. While this process can seem daunting and may be unfamiliar to you, we ensure that you are fully prepared for this stage of your parcel delivery to Beijing.

A customs invoice is required for any shipment entering China - this is simply a document outlining the contents and a value of your shipment. This vital documentation is automatically produced once your booking with us is complete. You are required to print 4 copies of the customs invoice; your driver will accept these from you upon collection of your parcel. The customs invoice is used to calculate any relevant customs charges.

While we are able to advise what are considered dangerous and prohibited items that cannot be sent on our networks it is also advised to be aware that the country itself will also have their own country specific restrictions. For example, baby milk powder can only be accepted if under a certain quantity and value. For the most up-to-date information, it is highly advisable to check with the relevant Chinese authorities to ensure what you're sending will not incur any problems.


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