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Send a Parcel to China

Country Price
1 kg Parcel to China from £24.38* Quote & Book
5 kg Parcel to China from £40.10* Quote & Book
15 kg Parcel to China from £70.67* Quote & Book
20 kg Parcel to China from £85.24* Quote & Book
*VAT and surcharges may apply.

Take advantage of one of the planet’s largest economies with export services to China.

China is the world’s most populous country, with a population in excess of 1.3 billion. It’s perhaps no surprise to learn that it also has the biggest export economy on the planet, with estimated exports of $2.21 trillion in 2013.

While this volume of exports is particularly impressive, import volume is nothing to sneeze at either, reaching $1.95 trillion in the same year. This is in part thanks to China’s growing and increasingly affluent middle classes, who have an insatiable appetite for Western and luxury goods.

Export from the UK to China

We ship a high volume of parcels, documents and freight to China, which is well served by top global couriers such as DHL, UPS, and TNT. As major account holders with these companies, we are able to secure massive reductions on the usual rates.

Transglobal Express offers free quotes, an easy-to-use online tracking service, and exemplary customer service.

Just enter your consignment details into our quote form and begin your journey with us today.

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Exporting to China

Thinking of expanding your business by exporting to China?

  • Market opportunity

    Despite recent slowdown, China’s rapid economic growth over the past two decades represents excellent business opportunities for small businesses in the UK. China boasts one of the highest import volumes in the world—so whatever your market, the demand will likely be there. With a range of courier and freight services to suit your needs, Transglobal can help you to reach a lively international consumer base.
  • Reduce your costs

    For businesses with international customers, the cost of shipping overseas will be an important factor in your business plan. Transglobal Express offers drastically reduced rates for delivery services to China when compared to standard courier and freight prices. Deliver a 1kg parcel for as little as £26.78, or 10kg for £55.11. Air freight can cost as little as £1.34 per kg for consignments over 100kg.

Sending documents to China

Do you have urgent correspondence to send to China? A business document or a personal letter? Prices start from £13.95 for our UPS Envelope service—roughly 50% less than the original price!

Export from the UK to China

To use this service, you simply need to ensure that your documents will fit into a branded UPS Envelope and that they weigh no more than 0.5kg. Since documents are not dutiable, and therefore not subject to customs clearance, you can benefit from quicker international transit times.

To get a quote for document delivery to China, simply enter the details of your consignment into our quote form. Don’t forget to select “document” as the type of shipment.

China Customs Information

All shipments from the UK to China, with the exception of documents, will require customs clearance. We will generate all of the shipping documentation you need to ensure that your consignment clears customs as quickly as possible.

Our friendly customer services team are always on hand to help, available by email, telephone or Live Chat, so that we can resolve any issues for you quickly if they occur.

Transit Times to China

Transit times to China for documents and parcels can be as little as two days, depending on where exactly in the country you’re shipping to. Sending parcels to Beijing and Shanghai, two major gateway cities, can be reached in 2-6 days, customs delays notwithstanding. Parcels to Chengdu and Guangzhou will take only a week.

You can get a more accurate estimate of transit time by entering your collection and delivery postcodes when you are submitting your consignment details for a quote, or by using our Transit Time Calculator.

Importing from China

You can also import goods from China to the UK with Transglobal Express, using our UPS, TNT and TG Express import services. Simply pick China as your “Sending from” address. The booking process is exactly the same as it is for exports.

The only difference is that you will need to forward your documentation to your chosen collection point in China. Be sure to make your contact in China fully aware of any delivery requirements (of which we will notify you) and remember to pick an agreed-upon collection date.

Import to the UK from China

It couldn’t be simpler, whether you are exporting to China or importing to the UK from China. Get an instant quote now, or if you have any questions at all, contact our Customer Services team.

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