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Parcel Delivery to Germany

Country Price
1 kg Parcel to Germany from £4.37*
5 kg Parcel to Germany from £7.33*
15 kg Parcel to Germany from £14.80*
20 kg Parcel to Germany from £18.17*
*VAT and surcharges may apply.

Need a fast and reliable courier service to Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich or Hamburg? Save up to 70% on deliveries to Germany with top global couriers DHL, DPD, UPS and TNT.

Germany is the economic powerhouse of Europe, ahead of the UK and France in GDP (€3,026,600 million in 2015), and the third largest export and import economy in the world. The country exported $1.38 trillion in 2013 and imported $1.15 trillion that same year.

Parcel delivery to Germany from the UK

Since establishing our Frankfurt office in 2011, we’ve had particularly strong ties to Germany and the German market, where we send thousands of parcels every year. As major account holders with companies such as DHL and UPS, we’re able to offer significantly reduced rates when compared with buying from them directly.

Around 100,000 UK nationals live in Germany, making it a popular destination for sending gifts to relatives. But whether you need to send something to Germany for business reasons or personal ones, you’ll find using our courier services simple and cost-effective.

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Exporting to Germany

Germany has long been the UK’s largest EU export partner, as well as our second biggest export market internationally, after the USA. Deliveries to Germany from the UK are not subject to customs taxes and duties thanks to its EU membership, making it easy to deliver to friends, families and customers.

Transglobal Express is the go-to option for small businesses, facilitating international delivery through affordable prices. With the savings you can get with Transglobal Express—up to 70% off standard prices—you are free to invest in expanding your business in other ways.

Parcel delivery costs as little as £12.75 for a 1kg shipment, and from £14.45 for shipments up to 30kg with DPD Classic. We also offer air freight services, from £1.99 per kg for consignments over 100kg.

Sending documents to Germany

As if our reduced parcel rates weren't enough, you can send urgent documents even more cheaply with our UPS Envelope services, with prices starting at £13.75 for next day delivery.

This is an economical option for business documents and personal correspondence weighing up to 0.5kg. Aside from the weight, the only other condition is that it has to fit into a UPS branded envelope.

Export to Germany from the UK

Documents aren't subject to customs clearance, leading to faster delivery times. To get a quote, just head over to our quote form and select "document" from the dropdown menu.

Customs information for Germany

Since the UK and Germany are both members of the European Union, shipments from the UK to Germany are not subject to customs taxes and duties, but we will generate the necessary shipping labels. VAT is applicable on all exports to Germany.

For further customs information, including specific details of prohibited and restricted items, please visit the German customs website.

Transit times to Germany

Germany is just a hop and a skip from the UK over to the European continent, but transit times will vary depending on the service you choose and the precise destination of your parcel—for example, if it's a commercial centre or a remote residential location.

Generally speaking, express air services such as UPS Express Saver, TNT Express and DHL Express Worldwide can offer next day delivery from the UK to Germany, while road-based economy services can take 2-3 days.

Enter your collection and destination postcodes as part of your quote to get estimated transit times and find out if your delivery address is considered a remote area. You can also get a more accurate estimate using our service-specific transit time calculators.

Sending from Germany?

You can also import from Germany to the UK with our import services from UPS, TNT and TG Express. Book just as you would for exports—all you need to do is put Germany as your "Sending from" address.

Import from Germany to the UK

As usual, we’ll generate all of the necessary documentation for you. If you are UK-based, you will need to forward this documentation to your contact in Germany and agree on a collection date.

For deliveries from the UK to Germany, or Germany to the UK, book with Transglobal Express and start saving. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our award-winning customer services if you have any queries.

Send from Germany to anywhere in the world with our German site, transglobalexpress.de, which is also available in English.

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