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Import to Hong Kong from the UK

Country Price
1 kg Import to Hong Kong from £9.32* Quote & Book
5 kg Import to Hong Kong from £38.31* Quote & Book
15 kg Import to Hong Kong from £78.70* Quote & Book
20 kg Import to Hong Kong from £96.51* Quote & Book
*VAT and surcharges may apply.

Send a parcel to Hong Kong from the UK

If you’d like to import goods to Hong Kong from the UK then booking your delivery through Transglobal Express is a great way to get high quality, top brand international parcel delivery at a fraction of the usual price. Whether you’re a British ex-pat in Hong Kong looking to import some goods to remind you of home, or you’re based in Hong Kong and looking to import stock from a UK business partner, we offer services from couriers including DHL, UPS and TNT at up to 70% off their standard parcel delivery rates. To get a quote and compare the range of parcel delivery services available, simply enter the weight and dimensions of the parcel you’d like to import into our quick quote form.

Hong Kong is one of the UK’s most important business partners and its third biggest export market in Asia. In 2011, Hong Kong imported £5.1 billion worth of British goods and services – a 20% year-on-year rise compared to 2010. In addition, due to its historic relationship to the UK as a former territory of the British Empire, many aspects of the financial and legal systems in Hong Kong are similar to that of the UK, making business between the two territories relatively simple.

Hong Kong is one of our most popular parcel delivery destinations, and you can benefit from our preferential rates for imports into Hong Kong from the UK no matter where you are based. Our massive buying power enables us to negotiate the best possible rates from major carriers, which we pass onto you.

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Receiving documents in Hong Kong

Importing documents to Hong Kong from the UK is easy and cost-effective with our UPS Envelope service. You can receive documents from the UK, whether personal letters, commercial brochures, or practically any other document of no commercial value, for a set price, provided they fit into a branded UPS Envelope. The envelope measures approximately 335x240mm and your documents must be placed into it before they are collected from the UK. We can arrange to have a stock of envelopes sent out to your collection point in the UK at your request, and the UPS driver typically carries a supply as well.

The UPS Envelope service offers express document delivery to Hong Kong with transit times as little as two days.

Send a parcel from Hong Kong to the UK

As well as import services from the UK to Hong Kong, we also offer discounted parcel delivery services from Hong Kong to the UK through both DHL and TNT. With the DHL Express Worldwide import service, thanks to DHL’s impressive Asian network, imports from Hong Kong to the UK can take as little as one working day depending on your collection and delivery address. Click here for more information or get a quote by filling in your delivery details in the table above.

Customs Information for Hong Kong

As a Special Administrative Region of China, Hong Kong is a very business friendly destination since import duties are not typically applied to any goods except alcohol and tobacco products. The vast majority of goods can therefore be imported duty free. It’s nevertheless advisable to check the relevant customs regulations before shipping, but most imports to Hong Kong are cleared with very few problems. It is always worth checking the regulations before booking a courier to Hong Kong.

All shipments to Hong Kong must be accompanied by four copies of a customs invoice – a document detailing the contents and value of the parcel you are importing. We automatically generate a customs invoice for you from the details you enter during your booking and email copies to the account holder. When your parcel is collected in the UK, it must be accompanied by four copies of this document, so it’s important to ensure you forward it on to your collection point if you are making your booking from Hong Kong.

Transit Times from the UK to Hong Kong

In spite of the fact that Hong Kong is a considerable distance from the UK, since Hong Kong is an important business centre, transit times to the region are impressive and often as little as two days from the UK. You can enter your collection and delivery address details into the transit times calculator tool for your chosen carrier to calculate an estimated transit time.


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