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Send a Parcel to Hong Kong

Country Price
1 kg Parcel to Hong Kong from £9.32*
5 kg Parcel to Hong Kong from £38.31*
15 kg Parcel to Hong Kong from £70.67*
20 kg Parcel to Hong Kong from £85.24*
*VAT and surcharges may apply.

Looking to send a parcel to Hong Kong cheaply? Get top-brand courier services at a fraction of their usual price with Transglobal Express.

Hong Kong is the world's most free economy, according to the Index of Economic Freedom. As well as a global business and banking hub, it’s also a gateway to mainland China and has a strong relationship with the UK, claiming more than half of the UK’s Asian investments.

In 2013, imports to Hong Kong totalled an estimated $514.5 billion, and exports $486.1 billion.

Export to Hong Kong from the UK

Transglobal Express counts some of the biggest and best worldwide carriers among our partners, including DHL, UPS and TNT. As major account holders with these companies, we’re able to ship a large volume of parcels to Hong Kong at drastically reduced prices—up to 70% cheaper than standard tariffs.

Compare these services at the click of a button to find the option most suitable for you. Just enter your consignment details.

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Exporting to Hong Kong

One of the most attractive prospects of conducting international business in Hong Kong is its free trade policies—no tariffs are charged on importing or exporting goods. There are no customs duties and taxes; just an excise duty that applies to certain specific items.

For small businesses hoping to ship to customers in Hong Kong and mainland China, this is hugely beneficial. When you factor in further reduced shipping costs with Transglobal Express, exporting to Hong Kong becomes a very reasonable option for any growing enterprise.

Spend as little as £26.78 for a 1kg shipment, £39.01 for 5kg, £55.11 for 10kg, or £87.31 for 20kg. For consignments over 100kg, you can use our air freight service, priced as low as £1.29 per kg.

Sending documents to Hong Kong

Do you have business documents or personal correspondence to send to Hong Kong? Why not use our UPS Envelope service? Prices start from £13.95, which is less than half of our usual UPS tariff.

Export to Hong Kong from the UK

This is a great option for any documents that weigh up to 0.5kg and will fit into a branded UPS envelope. Documents aren’t subject to customs clearance, which means faster delivery times for those urgent papers.

To get a quote for document delivery to Hong Kong, just head to our quote form and enter the details of your consignment. Don’t forget to select “document” from the dropdown menu!

Customs Information for Hong Kong

Using a courier to Hong Kong and sending a parcel will be subject to customs clearance, as the territory is outside of the EU. Any parcels will need to be accompanied by a customs invoice describing the contents and value of your consignment, but we will automatically generate this for you.

As a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China, however, taxes and duties are not applied to any goods except alcohol and tobacco (known as excise goods). Other territory restrictions may still apply—for clarification, you can visit Customs.gov.hk.

Importing from Hong Kong to the UK

Sending from Hong Kong to the UK? We also offer UK import services with UPS and our own branded service, TG Express. Booking for imports works exactly the same as it does for exports—just pick Hong Kong as your “Sending from” address.

Export to Hong Kong from the UK

We’ll still generate your documentation for you. The only extra step is to insure that you forward your documents to your collection point in Hong Kong if you are UK-based. Decide on a collection date, let the sender know of any other requirements we have emailed you about, and you’re all set.

Whether you’re importing from Hong Kong to the UK, or exporting to Hong Kong from the UK, get a free quote now to see how much you could save. You can also contact our Customer Services team.

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