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Cheap Parcel Delivery to Melbourne

Country Price
1 kg Parcel to Melbourne from £17.09
5 kg Parcel to Melbourne from £60.39
15 kg Parcel to Melbourne from £116.81
20 kg Parcel to Melbourne from £143.19
*Surcharges may apply.

Cheap parcel delivery to Melbourne

Melbourne is a gateway city on the southeast coast of Australia, and the second most populous city in the country. Parcels from all over the world are delivered via Melbourne to Victoria and beyond.

Parcel delivery to Melbourne from the UK
Credit: Matt Zhang

Transglobal Express offers reduced rates on a range of global services for parcel delivery from the UK to Melbourne.

Choose from express and economy services with UPS, FedEx, DHL and more—with options for commercial deliveries, personal items, and excess baggage.

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Exporting to Melbourne

You don’t have to pay a premium to send a parcel from the UK to Melbourne. Affordable door-to-door delivery to Melbourne is available with our super economy Landmark Global service. There are also plenty of options for express delivery.

We also offer air freight services to Melbourne Airport and sea freight services to the Port of Melbourne.

Transit times to Melbourne

Deliveries to Melbourne take around 3 days with our express services. Our economy services take 4-9 days. Regions further away from gateway cities such as Melbourne may be classed as “remote” and require additional time.

You can use our carriers’ transit time calculators for a more accurate estimate based on your postal details.

Export to Melbourne from the UK
Credit: Arnaud Mesureur

Customs information for Melbourne

Customs clearance is required for parcel deliveries from the UK to Australia. We’ll provide you with the essential customs documents, which are generated as part of your order.

If you’re planning on shipping personal effects to Melbourne, we recommend that you complete the Australia Unaccompanied Personal Effects Statement in advance, to speed up the customs process.

You can also refer to our list of prohibited and restricted items, as well as the guidelines provided by each of our carriers. For the latest official word on Australian customs, you can take a look at the Australian government site.

Sending from Melbourne to the UK?

Send a parcel from Melbourne to the UK with our DHL and UPS import services.

Importing from Melbourne to the UK
Credit: Josh Calabrese

All you need to do is choose Australia as your “Sending from” address when requesting a quote, and make sure that your documentation is forwarded to the collection point.

For more information, call us on 0345 145 1212, email [email protected], or get in touch on Live Chat.

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