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Parcel Delivery to New Zealand with DHL, UPS and FedEx

Country Price
1 kg Parcel to New Zealand from £19.89
5 kg Parcel to New Zealand from £114.23
15 kg Parcel to New Zealand from £118.87
20 kg Parcel to New Zealand from £145.72
*Surcharges may apply.

Huge discounts on parcel delivery to New Zealand

Send a parcel around the world with Transglobal Express, to destinations including New Zealand. New Zealand may be over 11,000 miles away, but well-connected global courier networks mean that, with our fastest services, your parcel can reach its destination in just 3 days.

Parcel delivery from the UK to New Zealand
Credit: Tobias Keller

Whether you have a parcel to send to a customer in Auckland, a letter to a friend in Wellington, or a pallet that needs to get to Christchurch Airport, we’ll be able to provide the right service for you, with reduced rates on services from carriers including UPS, FedEx and DHL.

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Exporting to New Zealand

Our prices for parcel delivery to New Zealand start very low with our super thrifty economy service from Landmark Global, which takes 14 days.

For parcels up to 70kg and pallets up to 1000kg, we have a broad range of express and economy courier options, as well as air freight and sea freight services to ports and airports across the country.

Transit times to New Zealand

Express services to New Zealand can take 3-4 days. Economy services may take around 6 days depending on the service. Additional time should be allowed for collections from and deliveries to locations regarded as “remote”.

You can use our carrier-specific transit time calculators for a more accurate estimate, by entering your collection and destination postcodes.

Export from the UK to New Zealand
Credit: Rod Long

Customs information for New Zealand

Parcels sent from the UK to New Zealand must go through customs clearance, unless you're only sending a document.

To help you with this, we’ll automatically produce a customs invoice (or packing list), which will include any descriptions of goods that you submit to us during the booking process.

For more information, please peruse our carriers’ lists of restrictions for New Zealand, or visit the New Zealand customs website.

We also have our own list of restricted and prohibited items that you will need to abide by if using our service.

Sending from New Zealand to the UK?

Need to import a parcel or document to the UK from New Zealand? We also have import services available with UPS and TG Express.

Import to the UK from New Zealand
Credit: Roell de Ram

As with our export services, we’ll generate the necessary documentation for you, which you can forward to the collection point if you won’t be there in person.

For more information or advice, please get in touch with our customer service team.

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