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DX Group has unveiled its latest depot in Carlisle, a significant addition aimed at bolstering the company’s parcel operations.

It's part of the DX Express division which specialises in secure, tracked deliveries to both businesses and customers.

Situated on the Kingstown Industrial Estate, just north of Carlisle city center, the new facility spans an impressive 9,000 sq. ft. Operations from the existing Penrith site will be transferred to this larger, more advanced depot.

The new facility promises to yield numerous benefits, according to DX. It is poised to enhance operational efficiencies, lower stem mileage (the distance between depot and delivery zone), reduce carbon emissions, and elevate customer service standards.

Paul Ibbetson, the CEO of DX Group, expressed his satisfaction with the new development, stating: “We are pleased to be opening this new facility in Carlisle. It will provide our Express operations with greater capacity and increase capability in the area”.

Highlighting the company's commitment to continual improvement, Ibbetson added: “We have made substantial investments in our depot network in recent years, and we remain dedicated to advancing this initiative across the entire group.”

This unveiling marks DX Group's second depot opening in 2024, following the establishment of their Preston depot earlier this February.

Source: DX Group

Header image: DX 

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