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FedEx Express has proudly announced the opening of its expanded facility in Karlsruhe, Germany.

This new site now covers a 2,500 square meter space, which represents a significant upgrade, effectively doubling the size of its previous facility. With this expansion, FedEx is poised to enhance its capacity and efficiency in managing shipments, meeting the growing demands of its customers shown in recent years.

Further improvements have also been made, including the upgraded pickup and delivery areas in Mannheim and Karlsruhe, which have been designed to optimise delivery and cut-off times throughout the region. Additionally, the facility boasts 24 loading bays, further streamlining the loading and unloading processes for incoming and outgoing shipments.

Automated technology in the warehouse reduces sorting time by an impressive one-third but also almost doubles the facility's sorting capacity. This advancement allows FedEx to manage more shipments in a shorter time span, ensuring swifter and more streamlined operations.

In addition to enhancing FedEx's operational capabilities, it has also created 3 new jobs, bringing the total workforce at the site to 20 individuals.

Stefan Dries, VP Ground Operations for FedEx Express in DACHN region, also commented on the recent development: “The facility in Karlsruhe offers customers a better service experience thanks to a modern infrastructure and optimised processes. We look forward to supporting our customers in expanding their business.”

Source: FedEx

Header image: FedEx

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