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Import to Australia from the UK

Country Price
1 kg Import to Australia from £10.71*
5 kg Import to Australia from £28.01*
15 kg Import to Australia from £74.32*
20 kg Import to Australia from £97.53*
*VAT and surcharges may apply.

Send a parcel to Australia from the UK

If you are in Australia and need to arrange a parcel delivery from the UK to an Australian address, arranging this through leading UK freight forwarder and international courier provider Transglobal Express will save you money and time. Australia is one of our most popular destinations – we ship thousands of parcels to Australia every month, for both personal and commercial purposes. And while most of our customers are based in the UK, we arrange many deliveries for Australian customers who benefit from the same excellent prices and express delivery from major global carriers including UPS, DHL and TNT.

If you’re searching for high-quality, low-cost parcel delivery to Australia, you’ll want to shop around. You may not have thought of booking your delivery through a UK-based reseller but there’s no doubt that this is the most economical option for the majority of personal shippers and SMEs. We send such a high volume of parcels down under that we are able to negotiate the best possible rates from our parcel delivery partners. So whether you want to send an urgent package to Adelaide through UPS, a parcel delivery to Perth, an important document to Alice Springs through DHL, or a gift to your son in Sydney, you can save up to 70% on the cost of booking through the carrier directly when you book your delivery through Transglobal Express.

To compare prices and services from the UK to Australia, simply enter the weight and dimensions of your parcel into the quick quote table above. You can view the variety of services we offer in an instant and make a booking in just a few easy steps.

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Receiving Documents in Australia

If you need to arrange a document delivery using a courier UK to Australia then our UPS Envelope service is a speedy, cost-effective and highly recommended solution. You can take advantage of prices of up to 50% less than the equivalent parcel delivery rate as long as your documents fit into a branded UPS Envelope and weigh less than 1kg. If you’re arranging the delivery from Australia, don’t forget to advise your collection point that the envelope is approximately 335x240mm and should be available from the UPS driver when he arrives to collect your consignment from the UK. For more information, or to get a quote, please click here.

Send a parcel from Australia to the UK

As well as services from the UK to Australia, we also offer discounted parcel delivery from Australia to the UK through both DHL and TNT. You can get a quote, compare prices and book a collection and delivery in exactly the same way and all of our services are fully trackable from collection through to delivery.

Customs Information for Australia

All shipments to Australia from the UK are subject to customs clearance. It’s therefore important that you ensure that your collection point in the UK has all of the necessary customs documentation to pass to the driver upon collection so as to ensure a smooth delivery. We automatically produce all of the documentation you’ll need for your delivery during our booking process, including a Customs Invoice detailing the contents and value of your shipment for clearance purposes. If you’re based in Australia, be sure to forward all of the order confirmation details to your collection point in the UK. It is always worth checking customs information when sending a parcel UK to Australia.

Transit Times to Australia

Transit times from the UK to Australia can be impressively short given the vast distance between the two nations. An express service can take as little as four working days reach to major gateway cities including Perth and Sydney and document delivery can be even quicker given that documents are not subject to customs clearance. The best way to calculate your transit time is to enter your collection and delivery address into the transit times calculator tools on our Transit Times page.


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