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Send a Parcel to Russia

Country Price
1 kg Parcel to Russia from £40.26
5 kg Parcel to Russia from £64.30
15 kg Parcel to Russia from £86.37
20 kg Parcel to Russia from £97.30
*Surcharges may apply.

Send a parcel to the Russian Federation

With a massive surface area in excess of 17 million square kilometres, Russia is by far the largest country in the world, comprising nine different time zones, many remote areas and a varied and often challenging climate. For these reasons, when sending a parcel to Russia, it’s vital that you choose a carrier with access to an extensive domestic network to ensure that your shipment is delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible.

You can send a parcel to Russia via Transglobal Express through leading global carriers DHL Express, UPS and FedEx. DHL Express’ Russian network comprises 7 major terminals in the country’s largest cities, 150 offices -from Kaliningrad to Sochi to Magadan - and delivery to over 600 towns and cities. UPS has over 100 offices in Russia and a similarly extensive network.

Thanks to the volume of goods Transglobal Express sends to Russia, we can offer discounted rates of up to 70% less than the standard DHL, UPS and FedEx rates. You can easily compare prices for parcel delivery to Russia by entering the weight and dimensions of your consignment into the quote form.

Please note: due to customs restrictions, only commercial shipments to Russia are accepted. Parcels cannot be sent to private addresses.

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Exporting to Russia

If you’re thinking of exporting to Russia, now is a great time: the Russian Federation is the UK’s fastest growing major export market and the fourth-largest export market in the world, coming in after Europe, China and North America.

In 2012, UK exports to Russia totalled £5.5 billion, a 15% increase from 2011. Even more impressive is that, according to UK Trade and Investment, UK-Russia trade has been growing an average of 21% year-on-year since 2011.

When booking DHL or UPS delivery service through Transglobal Express, you can only send goods to Russia if you are delivering to a business address. Private addresses will not be accepted. It’s important you remember this, because if your destination address is discovered to be a non-commercial address once your parcel reaches Russian customs, the package will be returned, with all associated costs billed to you, the shipper.

There are lots of online resources to advise you on doing business in Russia and to help you navigate Russian customs procedures and tariffs. We’ve listed some of the most useful ones for you here:

Customs Information for Russia

Russian Customs are renowned for being strict, so it’s advisable to keep yourself as well-informed as possible about all of the latest rules and regulations to ensure your parcel delivery to Russia goes as smoothly as possible and with minimal delay.

Strengthened control measures introduced by the Russian customs authorities in March 2010 require comprehensive information about all shipments into Russia. For all commercial shipments, your Customs Invoice must contain no abbreviations and should include: full details of the goods you are sending (including material, model, part number, technical parameters etc. along with country of origin and name of manufacturer), unit and total price of goods, contact details of your consignee, freight and insurance costs and a signature and (where available) a stamp of the consignor.

When sending parcels to Russia via UPS, there are important value limits on shipments to certain areas. For more information on service restrictions on parcel delivery to Russia, please click here.

Transit Times to Russia

Transit times to Russia vary depending on several factors: the service you select, the destination of your parcels and the time taken for your goods to clear customs. You should do all you can to reduce potential customs delays by ensuring you complete all of the necessary documentation beforehand. Not including delays caused by customs clearance, example transit times from the UK to Russia are between 1-2 days for documents and 2-4 for parcels to major gateway cities. These estimates are for the DHL Express Worldwide service.


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